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Client Success: NCR Sales Strategy

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How An NCR Salesperson Improved Selling Success Through ARRiiVE's Concepts of Selling Program 

Client Description: A star sales representative joined NCR. She sought ways of improving her sales success and thought to contact Scott Andrews, the principal of ARRiiVE, who she knew to be a CEO-level sales guru from working together in other IT positions. The salesperson needed a plan to immediately gain high-level prospects and quickly develop a territory in a highly political environment. 

Challenge: Our sales representative for NCR had a huge nut to crack. Coming in from a large competitor, expectations were high for this ace salesperson to deliver. However, she had a problem: she had been focused on only five prospects in her previous employment, as a result, she was not sharp in her prospecting skills to sell at a high level. 

She needed to quickly gain rapport in over a dozen new accounts (to her) and this required an action plan for selling to the CEO. 

She also needed a trusted partner to help her role play and practice her strategy, as there were other political factors at play within her own company.

Solution: Having known Scott Andrews, principal consultant at ARRiiVE, from a previous employment situation, the sales representative engaged Mr. Andrews to help her develop a plan to prospect into her dozen accounts.

Mr. Andrews broke down the territory into three categories. From there, they co-developed an action plan for each territory, which utilized specific benefits that NCR offered. This plan included a competitive analysis, and a review of each specific account. 

From there, Mr. Andrews, reviewed his "Selling to the CEO" strategies with the sales ace, and practiced some role playing to help prep her for each call. As a result of these strategy and role-playing sessions, the sales representative achieved success in nine of the twelve accounts (a 75% close ratio) during her recent assignment at NCR. 

The information Scott developed for this consulting is now part of our "Concepts of Selling Intangible Solutions" program offered through ARRiiVE.

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