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Client Success: DecisionOne 

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How DecisionOne Maximized Quota Success In Northern California With ARRiiVE's Concepts of Selling Training: 

Client Description: DecisionOne is one of the top nationwide providers of Information Technology support in the United States. With services ranging from Mainframe break-fix support, to call center management, to complete network outsourcing, DecisionOne needed salespeople who could convey complex solutions to unique needs in the Northern California region and improve new hire success. 

Challenge: DecisionOne already utilized a Western Region training program for new recruits. However, the local Director of Sales for Northern California recognized that almost all new sales people still couldn't quickly determine what actually WORKED in successfully selling services to local clients. 

This problem often meant that new recruits were not effective in meeting quota objectives for their first six months of employment -- a serious problem -- and led the Director of Sales to contact ARRiiVE to utilize Scott's inside knowledge of how to sell conceptual solutions in complex environments. 

Solution:  Scott Andrews, principal trainer with ARRiiVE, developed a custom training program for the sales team at DecisionOne. 

His training course gave a hands-on approach on (a) how to plan and structure a team to deliver enterprise selling solutions, (b) building a strategy for each account, (c) successful prospecting methods for each strategy, (e) presenting the solution to win, and (e) implementation: the key to all successful engagements (a component often overlooked in the IT environment).

As a result of implementing Mr. Andrews' training, DecisionOne's Northern California region accomplished a 30% increase in sales volume; and even more importantly, every single new recruit was attaining quota within three months of hire. Each of the new recruits over-achieved quota in their first year: a record for the region.

The information Scott developed for this training is now part of the core of our "Concepts of Selling Intangible Solutions" program offered through ARRiiVE.

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