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Client Success: My Story

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How ARRiiVE Helped a Creative Producer Increase Market Awareness:

Client Description: Jack Poorman runs a company called My Story Productions. My Story Productions markets 10 to 60 minute "story" productions that can be utilized as either a promotion video or a personal documentary. My Story Productions' documentaries illuminate the joyous and memorable moments of ordinary people's lives with the same level of quality as a TV or movie documentary. A My Story Video could be featured primetime on A&E Biography, VH1 or CNN. Corporate clients include Athleta women’s sportswear, and Riviera Van Beers design (featured on Oprah, February 2003 for it’s “cheap designer chic”).

Challenge: My Story Productions needed to expand their market awareness and find new ways to reach their potential client base. Corporate clients need video stories. Many small and large companies need ways to tell their story or share how a process is done with a potential client. Often, it is difficult for marketing to convey an idea. Or, salespeople may not have the depth of knowledge nor the ability to convey a solution. This is where video comes in handy. In addition, the power of TV in convincing a message is undeniable. 

At the same time, many individuals want to tell a story, yet, how do they come to know about My Story Productions? Obviously, if people who need this service do not know about it they will never sign on as a client.  These were challenges Jack wrestled with.

Jack's challenge boiled down to exposure. According to Jack, finding new clients was much like "searching for a needle in a haystack." An even bigger challenge was determining the best way to increase exposure without spending a huge amount on budget. 

ARRiiVE's solutions are enabling My Story Productions to become a leader in their field by focusing on a unique tri-segment market approach. 

My Story Productions has excellent quality production and a very high standard for telling a story in a compelling way. By coupling their expertise with a stronger marketing strategy and, in effect, aligning marketing with Jack's vision, Jack has doubled sales in less than two years.

Solution(s):  With My Story Productions, we first evaluated Jack's vision for what he wanted to do with his company. Then, we took a look at the marketplace he is trying to sell to: individuals seeking to preserve their family image/name/history and companies seeking to tell stories to convey concepts.

First, we examined the individual marketplace. ARRiiVE has worked with genealogy companies and individuals who determine better way to keep track of their family trees. In our estimation, this market offered the most efficient and effective way for Jack to reach his potential client base.  Our recommendation was to target three approaches in marketing a video production as a genealogy tool. One approach is through the largest genealogy publication, just a small ad, and the other two approaches determined that targeting keywords through overture and other online search engines would drive traffic to Jack's website. And, by advertising a rotating ad on leading genealogy websites, Jack could increase exposure. The last included increasing public exposure through speaking and writing focused messages for the genealogy community to realize how they might better retain an image of their family through a video-documentary.

Second, we examined the corporate marketplace. ARRiiVE determined that the best prospects for My Story Productions corporate services was to market a Corporate Selling Story concept to companies who possessed decent marketing. The best fit seemed to be smaller companies with more than 20 employees but  less than 200 employees, as larger companies often have an in-house video production capability, and the smaller companies with more than 20 employees have the budget to afford a Corporate Selling Story. Now Jack can focus on companies selling a "concept" solution, which requires video more than a basic commodity product. In addition, Jack has a solid model for approaching corporations that is leading to considerably higher success.

You may contact My Story Productions at 415-877-0063 or email

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