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Client Success: New Product Launch

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How ARRiiVE Helped a Team of Entrepreneurs With Launch ALLiiANCE Program: 

Client Description: An entrepreneur/inventor developed a product that could be considered a new product entry in the market of electric receptacles. She had a prototype developed (by hand), and several people she contacted told her that her idea might have merit with a major company like Home Depot. 

Challenge: Although the entrepreneur had a rough prototype developed (by hand, she lacked a provable concept. In addition, she did not have her vision developed, her marketing plan was non-existent, and she had no idea where to turn to get the prototype manufactured in bulk.

She contacted ARRiiVE for assistance with her vision, plan to develop the product, and to build the basis of a marketing/go-to-market plan. 

Solution:  ARRiiVE often finds that inventors are brilliant with ideas, but lacking a resource for how to bring their product or service idea to market. This is where we come in for many entrepreneurs. For this entrepreneur, it was no different. She needed help, and had no idea how to start or what to start with first.  

During our first strategy session, we clarified her vision and helped her develop a vision statement. From there, we knew where to focus to develop the product. Second, we offered numerous resources for development of a prototype, with contacts and phone numbers of potential firms who might develop a mold for her prototype, which included packaging options to help market the product. Third, we outlined an initial marketing strategy for a plan to bring the product to market. Fourth, she gained all the information and required elements she needed to trademark her product. 

The electric receptacle idea is now in the development stage of going to market. 

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