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Client Success: ORBIS Container Services Implementation

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How ARRiiVE Helped ORBIS Container Services Implement New Technology Through Executive Excellence Management Program: 

Client Description: ORBIS Container Services, headquartered in Fresno, CA,  is a leading supplier of containers for the food services industry. They are a leading provider of RPC containers for produce. The containers are used to distribute produce across the states, and offer produce companies innovations such as better ventilation and cleaning. 

Challenge: ORBIS is the number two provider of RPC containers. RPC's are utilized to ship strawberries, fruit, vegetables, and other produce. The quality of shipping containers and speed to market is vital with much of the produce shipped. ORBIS Container Services' CEO did not yet know much about RFID, an emerging technology in 2003, and had a critical demand as Wal-Mart, a significant customer, requested that all suppliers become RFID compliant by 2005. 

ORBIS contacted ARRiiVE to identify the opportunity, evaluate the feasibility of meeting the implementation timeline, and provide a plan for implementation.

The challenge represented a way for ORBIS to remain innovative and capture market share from their largest competitor through better logistics handling systems.

Solution:  ARRiiVE Business Consulting helped ORBIS Container Services determine the best strategy and plan to implement an RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification Tag) System for their containers, distribution, and supply-chain system.

Scott Andrews, a Primary Consultant at ARRiiVE, provided an evaluation of the RFID opportunity and recommended a four-step process for successful RFID implementation. The feasibility survey included: (a) analysis of the radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, (b) recommendations for technology selection, (c) a "proof-of-concept" plan for evaluation, and (d) a methodology for implementation.  He also recommended additional procedures that result in a targeted, proactive approach to meet the Wal-Mart-driven, RFID Supply Chain Initiative. 

ORBIS now manages the complete cycle via information technology. ORBIS can identify and monitor the cycle to ensure the right containers are in the right place at the right time. Orbis customers can use an internet browser to make inquiries, generate reports, develop forecasts, and order products. 

As a result of implementing Mr. Andrews' recommendations, ORBIS Container Services now boasts the most efficient logistics handling system in their industry. 


The diagram (right) represents the ORBIS service cycle (courtesy of ORBIS Container Services).

Through a successful RFID Implementation, ORBIS can now reap advantages in time, tracking, and accuracy with their logistics management system. In addition, the customer can expect to benefit through significant cost reduction resulting from lower produce damage during shipping.

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