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Client Successes: IT Services

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How An IT Services Firm Improved Sales and Marketing With ARRiiVE's Concepts of Selling and Interact DESiiGN Services: 

Client Description: Our client (under non-disclosure) is a premiere provider of Information Technology support on the Central Coast of California. With services ranging from depot printer support to outsourced network management, our client offers clients on the Central Coast of California peace of mind by trusting a qualified partner to handle IT challenges.  

Challenge: Growing technology services market share is a priority for a small technology company located on the Central Coast of California. 

They needed to grow services, but the current sales team was focused on selling hardware solutions and the company was known in the marketplace as a computer hardware reseller. This created a perception challenge.

There were performance issues and alliance relationships were weak. A top competitor was stealing away business an account at a time through better marketing (even though they offered lesser expertise). 

ARRiiVE zeroed in on a program that enabled this company to outsource a targeted customer's information technology (IT) support structure. 

Solution:  Scott Andrews, principal consultant with ARRiiVE, developed a custom training program for the sales team at our client's headquarters.

The team was not focused nor did they have any sales training program in place. He first implemented a sales training initiative to bring the team up to speed with current sales techniques to grow service solutions. Next, he focused the efforts of the firm on (a) outsourced service agreements to maintain ongoing revenue, (b) increased security management, (c) innovative solutions to differentiate, and (d) a stronger partnership with alliance partners to drive marketing awareness campaigns. 

As a result of implementing Mr. Andrews' suggestions, the monthly service revenue grew by over thirty-five percent. In addition, the firm added three new marquis accounts in the financial services market segment. 

In addition, the company rebuilt valuable alliances with manufacturers and Microsoft to future cement their growing presence in the Central Coast marketplace. 

These solutions are now part of ARRiiVE's "Concepts of Selling" training program for the IT industry.


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