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Customer Satisfaction Survey

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Maximize Customer Retention with this Customer Satisfaction Survey

The customer satisfaction survey can help you get a better grip on your ability to retain customers and better develop business relationships.

Check the "yes" and "no" blanks that apply and total the number of "yes" and "no" responses at the bottom. Customer relations self evaluation form)

1. Are you more focused on existing customers than new customers?

   a. What strategies are you employing to better manage customer relationships?

   b. Do you have a customer retention program in place and all employees trained on this program?

   c. Is each employee aware and treated as a "customer interaction" agent in your firm?

2. Do all customers (even the small ones) receive a thank you card or follow-up telephone call after placing an order with your firm?

3. How do you get the message to your customer that they are important to you?

4. What methods of customer experience are you offering customers to ensure they are committed to returning to your business?

   a. Delivering excellent products on time, that work properly.

   b. Delivering excellent service that gives them peace-of-mind, better experience, etc.

   c. Delivering excellent price, so that they get competitive deals.

5. What methods of technology are you implementing to ensure 4a, 4b, and/or 4c, whichever is your strategic retention focus, is achieved more easily?

6. How can you tailor certain aspects of your offering in question #4 to the customer's particular wants and needs? What methods of product/price/service are you offering to your customer that your competitor cannot or does not offer? (and vice-versa)

7. Has the customer suggested improvements in your product/service/price? How serious have you taken their consideration? Has the idea been passed throughout the organization (for example, from customer service to the sales team and marketing group)?

8. Do your customers tell you when they have a problem, or are you finding out later by email, survey, or word-of-mouth?

9. Are you polling your employees every three months to determine their own level of happiness working with your firm and with your firm's customers?

10. How are you rating with your customers? In general, is your customer satisfaction rating high for where you want it to be? If it is low, have you determined which aspects of your business need improvement?

11. What words are you using through the greeting, website, check-out, implementation of service, check-out, and post-service or sale survey that convey you CARE about the customer and that indicate you have a process to GUIDE them to do business with you more easily?

12. Are you asking for additional cross-sell, up-sell, and referrals with each email, letter, and thank you card?

13. Do you ever schedule customer experience calls to better understand your customer's needs? Do you implement surveys and polls on your website to help you better understand customer requirements and meet challenges/discover new business opportunities?

14. Have you checked-in with your customer to make sure that your salesperson isn't missing on commitments? Matching value proposition and branding with the customer is critical, and you don't want to waste your marketing budget!

15. Are your customers' orders filled accurately, efficiently, and delivered on time? How can you be assured of this?

16. If a customer registers a complaint, do you handle it promptly and fairly? Who knows when a complaint is filed? How many people get involved with complaints to evaluate ways to improve your product/service/price, and identify potential for new types of solutions and additional service you could offer?

17. Does your customer satisfaction form measure intent to purchase or intent to sign-up, visit again, etc.? It is more valuable to measure customer loyalty than satisfaction.

18. Is it a policy to follow up on problems and complaints to make sure their resolution is satisfactory to the customer? Is someone assigned to this separate from the department delivering the service?

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