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Business Aspiration Diamond-Circle ModelTM

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A White Paper by Scott Andrews, Founding Director of ARRiiVE

The Challenge To Be Your Best

Are you an emerging company? Or, are you launching a new division of services or products? If you answer yes to these questions, ARRiiVE is focused on helping you achieve your business aspirations.

How effective is your company vision?  How productive are your employees?  How clear and direct is communication at your company? 

If you knew there was a model and plan where you could match your company's deepest values with your employees' productivity and thereby improve your profitability and quality of experience with your company, how quickly would you take action?  Would you take action now?

Yes? Then you're in the right place! Read on to learn about this problem/solution.

Step 1: Understanding The Challenge

Today's organizational standard: The Pyramid Model

The Pyramid Model is the standard model used in most government and business organizations across the world. The challenge most organizations face is, in fact, systemic.

Organizational challenges resulting from pyramid models:

Most organizations today are built upon a model known as the "pyramid" model. The funnel goes down and out until you reach the customer. Some organizations claim to be a reverse-pyramid (customer on top) but they still fail to be able to (a) empower the employees at the lower rungs of the pyramid, (b) respond to rapid competitive challenges/new opportunities, and (c) create sustained success when a powerful leader leaves the company.

The pyramid is highly useful for creating "yes" cultures of people who can quickly implement instructions and directions of senior management. The pyramid, when used to harness energy, is very powerful. However, the pyramid fails to enable response or proactive idea generation -- which often happens to come as threat and challenge of a smaller, nimbler competitor -- and it is hard to shift to react to the new challenge without either buying (merging) or trying to simply destroy the competitor through sheer might (bigger is better, economies of scale, etc.). The smaller, nimbler competitor can often beat the larger bureaucratic structured company through developing services and products for specific market niches. 

The Pyramid Model, used alone, leads to dysfunction, chaos, and inability for leaders to recognize threats and opportunities.

Organizations using the pyramid model are implementing "Mt. Sinai Management" -- where only the guy with the white beard who talks to the burning bush has the "vision" for the company. As long as the constituents follow the "commandments" of the "visionary" the company succeeds. However, when the white bearded CEO leaves, what happens to the company? That's right. It often fails to succeed at previous levels because the model is systemically not supportive of the challenge facing companies and organizations to change, grow, thrive, and provide empowering environments. This is the problem we aim to solve.

Step 2: Meeting The Challenge 

Our Solution: VQA In Motion

VQA in Motion: Empower Your Employees. 

Enabling employees through flags, motion, and change. Putting the pyramid in motion is the first step to changing your organization to be dynamic, rather than static, and empowering your employees to embrace your vision for higher productivity. Each employee is VQA enabled, meaning they can raise a flag to identify new opportunities, challenges, and "go to the hot hand" to ensure higher percentage of success with your sales and operations. As a result, each EMPLOYEE IS EMPOWERED to be HIGHLY PRODUCTIVE.


empowered employees, thriving through change, able to execute orders AND proactively recognize new challenges and opportunities while intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually thriving through cooperative communication... it is now possible with V-Q-A...

Step 3: Forming a Better Plan: VQA SUCCESS


Success Plan

A Better Plan:  The VQA Success PlanTM


VQA (Vision- Question - Action) = Sustained Success AND Empowerment of EmployeesTM. A plan for success based upon proven practices of communication resulting in long-term higher value and profitability and improved quality of job satisfaction. 


 a business model enabling your company to become truly productive and proactive, while empowering employees to build teamwork to create and manifest their collective true shared VISION and through improved cooperative communication build

sustainable processes to  sustained growth and long-term success.

VISION: What is it?
QUESTION: What questions must be asked?
ACTION: Which way to turn, which actions to take now?

Without defining these three critical paths for your organization, your organization will fail. How well have you defined VISION? With Vision DEFINED BY YOUR TEAM in a way that INVOLVES each member of the team, rather than DRIVEN by a board or some other marketing or consulting group, you can ASSURE your organization of LONG TERM SUCCESS.

How do you know how to get the ANSWERS to the RIGHT QUESTIONS from your organizations employees? What questions do you ask? Are you sure you're asking the right questions to drive your Vision? How do you recognize competitive threats? How do you spot new opportunities? How more involved are your employees when the right questions are asked? Knowing which questions to ask, within the right structure, offers you a MUCH HIGHER LIKELIHOOD to KNOW WHAT TO DO. 

ACTION. Without it, your organization will muddle to the bottom of the pond. If your organization is going to LEAD THE PACK, you must TAKE TIMELY ACTION. The right action, the right time, with the right people. How do you know which action to take? What do you use to determine how to proceed? Without the right answers to take the right action, your organization will fail. With the knowledge and a process to MAKE BETTER DECISIONS, you will INCREASE PROFITABILITY.

How can employees ask questions? Today, in a top-down pyramid system, a boss will either stifle the request or steal the idea. Trust us, we've had it happen, too! What's the alternative?


Step 4: Building A Better Model - The Diamond- Circle ModelTM

Introducing: The Diamond-Circle ModelTM

Instead of top-down, with the Diamond-Circle Model, developed at ARRiiVE, the power (CEO/Board) is in the center. Thus, the power-center. Sales and external contacts with outside world are RED VQA power circles that represent your 80% customers Red is key to growing your business, from the core out. The PURPLE dots represent 20% inner circle customers, business partners, and the core of where 80% of  your business actually happens. This also represents the functional aspects of your company, including HR. The model varies slightly as to who is where, by industry type, but allows for multi-player, cross-functional teams. Combining the multi-player, cross-functional teams with the VQA in motion play for each YELLOW diamond results in the complete VQA plan for success.

If you wish to MAXIMIZE YOUR SUCCESS with your (outer) 20% customers, and draw in to the 80% success-rate customers to your inner circle, now is the time to change your model from a pyramid to the diamond-circle model. Not only that, but the functions of the company offer more fluid response, and a higher feeling of empowerment in the enterprise. It is a paradigm-shift of thought from top-down to inside-out; however, the model is PROVEN SUCCESSFUL. Why not TRY DIAMOND-CIRCLE IN YOUR ORGANIZATION AND FIND OUT, starting NOW?

ARRiiVE can help you implement the model. Semantic Collaboration: Contact Us and insert phrase "Beta Customer" to get started.


empowered employees, responding to challenges and showing executives new opportunities through virtual POW-WOW meetings in your virtual company lodge. What results is VQA: True Vision, Better Questions, and Timely Action = Optimum Results.


Step 5: Implement VQA In Your Organization, Right Now 

Start Now with VQA Experience:



VQA is an EXPERIENCE! Employees thrive as finally WIIFM (what's in it for me) becomes reality! Managers love it because WIIFC (what's in it for the company) is ALSO a reality. 

IMAGINE: combining adventure, creativity, and fun along with teamwork, planning, and implementing the diamond-circle model to create a true shared VISION and build non-bureaucratic,

sustainable processes to lead your organization into a more successful future.


How can you begin?  Semantic Collaboration: Contact Us and insert phrase "Beta Customer" to get started.

We coordinate the event, which combines adventure or fun and getting away from fluorescent lights, cell phones, and pagers to focus on creating a vision, utilizing ARRiiVE's model for business success based upon the VQA Success Plan and Diamond-Circle Success Model, and therefore coming up with the right questions, at the right time, so you can experience timely action and achieve your business aspirations.

The introductory VQA Experience lasts 1 day. This is all it takes for us to begin to put the VQA Model of Business Aspiration into place at your organization (with prior consulting with your key VQA Team members). The more extensive VQA Experience lasts between 5 - 7 days. This is usually a follow-up session with companies who want our objective input into the process. Just know that ARRiiVE offers at least 5 different coaching sessions with at least 5 different experts in the fields of aspiration, vision, leadership, cooperation, human resource excellence, customer satisfaction, idea creation, CRM, ERP, and productivity.  

Want to go for it in a bigger way? 

Semantic Collaboration: Contact Us and insert phrase "Beta Customer" to get started. 



Contact Us

NOTE: We're developing software for Semantic Collaboration - enabling a paradigm shift in how you build teams. Are you interested in joining our beta customers to try this in your organization? Contact us with subject line: BETA CUSTOMER to get involved.

ARRiiVETM: "Has Your Business Arrived?"SM 

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